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Do you need to do any work at home?

The acquisition of real estate often leads to work, unless the borrower buys a fully equipped property ready to move, which is not often the case. The purchase of an old house can lead to renovation work (insulation, window, roof, decoration, gardening ...) as well as a construction project (interior finishes, paintings, exteriors). These small and medium-sized projects can be financed in several ways, either by including the sums in the Real estate credit related to the acquisition of the property, or by subsequently obtaining a work credit.


the ready work of € 1,000 to € 900,000 consented free of charge for credit-espresso folder , subject to the acceptance of your file (excluding professional project , real estate or credit repurchase). We offer credits in a period of 1 month to 600 months with a fixed or variable rate of 4.75% The monthly payment and the rate are fixed and vary according to the amount and duration of the credit. Therefore, if you need a Personal credit, do not hesitate to apply online

We facilitate the choice of a credit in offering competitive rates, flexible terms and a exceptional service We help people in ways affordable for years. And when you choose Kredit Investment , benefits from this experience.

A credit commits it and must be repaid. Verify your payment capabilities before committing

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Characteristics of credit work

Flexible payment terms and financing.
Our goal is to offer personal credits and student credits, car credits, mortgage credits at competitive interest rates.

  • Why ensure your Personal credit works?                                 

      For your peace of mind and that of your loved ones, you and your co-borrower can benefit from optional insurance.

  • Depending on your membership situation and your needs, you are guaranteed in case of:                                 

      - Death                                         
      - Total and irreversible loss of autonomy (PTIA)                                         
      - Total temporary work disability (ITT)                                         
      - Job loss