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Redeem credits online

This solution consists of gathering several credits of all kinds in a single credit. It is simple and clear, you benefit from a single monthly payment and a single payment date.

Consolidation credit of € 5,000 to € 3,000,000 granted without any application fee for Kredit Investment subject to the acceptance of your professional application, assets roots or credit repurchase). We offer credits in a period of 1 month to 600 months with a fixed or variable rate of 3.65% The monthly payment and the rate are fixed and vary according to the amount and duration of the credit. Therefore, if you need a Personal credit, do not hesitate to apply online

We facilitate the choice of a consolidation credit in offering competitive rates, flexible terms and a exceptional service We help people in ways affordable for years. And when you choose Kredit Investment , benefits from this experience.

A credit commits it and must be repaid. Verify your payment capabilities before committing

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Car credit characteristics

Flexible payment terms and up to 100% financing on a new or used vehicle.
Our goal is to offer personal credits and student credits, car credits, mortgage credits at competitive interest rates.

  • Why consider a credit group?                                 

      - To anticipate a decrease in income due to retirement,
      - To reduce your monthly payments and undertake new projects,
      - To simplify the administration of your budget by reimbursing the same monthly payment.

  • Who is the common credit for?                                 

      Real estate owners, employees, retirees, professionals, artisans / merchants, business managers ...