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You have experienced a disaster ? You wonder how you revive ?

Kredit Investment we offer you a credit to revive you because we know how hard it can be. This type of credit is not refundable. It's our contribution to a better world.


Personal credit from € 5,000 to € 3,000,000 granted without any application fee for Kredit Investment subject to the acceptance of your file (excluding professional project , real estate or credit repurchase). The non-repayable loan is a form of subsidy. It is the Social Action Committee of the bank that decides on the granting of these grants. The conditions to be fulfilled are resource-related: only the poorest people can get any kind of help. It is not therefore a consumer credit that can be used as desired: it is an aid assigned to a specific object. Kredit Investment UE, benefits from this experience.

Solicit a Personal credit
  • The conditions for obtaining                                 

      It can be used to buy basic necessities to equip decently housing (washing machine, stove, refrigerator, bedding, furniture, hardware).

      It can also be granted to homes that have suffered a natural disaster or damage in their home (fire water damage, etc.) Assistance is sometimes paid to accident victims or their relatives in the event of death. An unforeseen difficulty related to the family situation of the beneficiary (ies) can give right to this help: divorce, moving, birth, etc. are so many changes in circumstances that may result in additional charges.

      When the person or the home is unable to cope with expenses considered indispensable (rents, insurance, payment of energy bills, etc.).

  • Social act?                                 

      The non-repayable loan only applies to people who are in financial difficulty and can only pay very small amounts.

      This form of special financial assistance is awarded without compensation to the most needy (Between 1000 € and 3000 €).