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The "credit conso" is a bank credit to buy a property or finance a service, it is by definition all transactions that are not related to real estate, although this credit can finance works. The duration of this type of credit is at least 3 months and can be extended up to 12 years. The minimum amount is of the order of a few hundred euros, the maximum amount is set at € 75,000, beyond that it is a mortgage.

Consumer credit of € 5,000 to € 3,000,000 granted without any application fee for Kredit Investment subject to acceptance of your professional application, real estate or credit repurchase). We offer credits in a period of 1 month to 600 months with a fixed or variable rate of 2.5% The monthly payment and the rate are fixed and vary according to the amount and duration of the credit. Therefore, if you need a Personal credit, do not hesitate to apply online


We facilitate the choice of a consumer credit by offering competitive rates, flexible terms and a exceptional service We help people in ways affordable for years. And when you choose Kredit Investment WHAT, you benefit from this experience.

A credit compromises it and must be repaid. Verify your payment capabilities before committing

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Characteristics of consumer credits


Flexible payment terms and financing of up to 100%.
Our goal is to offer personal credits and student credits, car credits, mortgage credits at competitive interest rates.

  • Do you need credit to finance a car, a television or other goods?
    • We allow you to finance up to 100% of the amount of your vehicle, television or other goods and we offer you the possibility of paying a fixed monthly payment defined from the beginning. With Kredit Investment you have all the cards at hand.

  • Do you change your television with a consumer credit at the best rate?                                 

      Whatever your project, Kredit Investment is at your side to advise you and propose the best solution for your budget. Make your simulation online and discover the benefits of Kredit Investment !